What's Jingle Nest?

Jingle Nest is a free rights music data base by Golden Parrot that offers ready to use songs suitable for any audiovisual project by connecting jingle writers and creative audiovisual minds through this platform. Seller? Upload your music now and make money! Creative Mind? Choose between different monthly plans or one time deals. We create talent-talent connections, so Jingle Nest is your best choice!

Dream Team

Rafael Serrat
CEO/Music Production

Rafael has both a marketing and music degree that makes him capable of understanding targets, campaigns and products so that he can create the best musical content that ensures the message is properly communicated through emotions and the right atmosphere. He has worked in various projects such as main industry film scores, tv/radios ads and video games

Alejandro Andrade

Alejandro is the chess chair man. He understands marketing plans, strategies and communication like no other. Every production team needs one like him to ensure the music is properly directed to the audience. The glue to paste music and marketing together is crucial to all our ad-hoc projects so that brands can reach their goals, whether it involves sales, positioning or market penetration

Verónica Rodríguez
Account Manager/Client Support

Verónica has been working in the music industry for decades by selling music copy rights for various marketing international projects. She is the one that ensures that both our clients and sellers have exactly what they need to make their life simple. Every data base needs her to take care of sellers so that they get payed what they deserve and so that their music reaches markets suitable to their style

Our Plans

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