To all of our readers,

Music evolves, media changes, people change and markets too. We don’t know what the reaction of our users will be to the launching of this new platform, which we are using as a medium to facilitate musicians, composers and producers the ability to make money out of their own creativity, and also creative people from agencies to have access to the work of excellent artists at an unbeatable price, so that they can musicalize their audiovisual projects easier than ever.

In this blog you will get to read the comments of me and other friends in the industries of music and advertisement, hoping you will get to learn from our experience, since there is always something new to know in this times of constant changes.

I think it is important to mention that if we have the risk of being “shot between the eyebrows” for giving birth to Jingle Nest, which is only intended to facilitate the life of everybody’s who is involved in this industry, the apocalyptical thought of an old music seller specialist in México will come true.
We hope this doesn’t happen and people realize it is time for changing and that they are happy with this new option of buying jingles and having access to musical content of quality, at and affordable price, and that all musicians get benefits of using Jingle Nest as a medium to promote their music.

That is all for today. To our first readers please have a pleasant welcoming to our platform, wishing you as always only the best.

Enjoy Jingle Nest!

Mr. Cane

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